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Make an appointment

How do I make an appointment?

To attend a clinic at the Westmead Breast Centre, you need a referral from:

  • a doctor (your general practitioner or a specialist) or
  • the BreastScreen program

Phone the Breast Centre on 9845 8888 and speak to one of our Administration Officers. They will ask you to Fax your referral and the results of any recent mammograms, ultrasounds or breast biopsies to the Breast Centre (Fax 9845 8334 )

The referral will be assessed by a member of the multidisciplinary team to ensure that you are given an appointment in the best clinic to meet your needs. An administration officer will call you with an appointment time.

What do I need to bring to the clinic?

New patient appointment

Reception PhotoYour Medicare card and an up-to-date referral letter from your general practitioner (GP) stating the name of the specialist to whom you have been referred, which will allow you to be bulk billed. A referral from your GP is usually valid for 12 months, whereas a referral from another specialist is valid for three months.

You will need to bring your most recent mammogram and ultrasound, as well as the results of any related procedures such as biopsies, so they can be reviewed by your doctors.

One or two accompanying persons are welcome at your consultation. It is often helpful to have other listeners as you will receive a lot of information.

Follow-up clinic

Radiographer Performing MammogramA mammogram is generally required every 12 months and you should bring the X-ray films to your follow-up visit if they were outside the hospital. Films performed in the hospital will be kept at the hospital and will be available with the doctors in the clinic when you arrive.

A new referral will be required every 12 months from your GP or every three months if it is provided by a specialist. The referral should be made out in the name of the specialist that you are booked to see. You can ask your GP for an indefinite referral, which will never need renewing.